AMES is an innovative program dedicated to providing world-class education for twenty-first century global citizenship. Rethinking conventional modes of inquiry, AMES crosses disciplinary and regional boundaries and links cultural and historical transformations across Asia in a global context. The rigorous curriculum, grounded in humanistic perspectives, trains students for literacy in languages, literatures, visual cultures, and other forms of cross-cultural representations, to prepare future leadership in a wide range of fields and professions. AMES offers majors and minors in the Asian and Middle Eastern languages and cultures. Areas of concentration include Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, and Korean.  Our faculty specializes in second language acquisition, critical theory, gender and sexuality, and film and visual studies. AMES graduates go onto successful careers in the finance, health and medicine, law, cultural industry, academia, government, local and international NGOs, environmental programs, and more.

Mission Statement

Our mission for undergraduate education is: to help students to develop a high degree of fluency in the language(s) of concentration, spoken and written, and to foster an informed view of language, literature and culture based on the knowledge of local traditions and a theoretical understanding of interconnectedness of the globe. The course requirements for the major provide an intellectual foundation that includes both study of language and culture practice and a critical framework for analyzing cultural experience.

Department Chair

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