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Hebrew Language Program

What do Moses, Jesus, Milton Friedman, and Borat have in common?

The Hebrew language!!!

This ancient Semitic language is structurally logical, elegant, and beautiful. If you enjoy doing cross-word puzzles and Sudoku, you will be fascinated by Hebrew grammar (yes, we said the ‘G’ word.)

With a verb reserved exclusively for Creation (with a capital ‘c’), and words being coined at a rate that would make you dizzy in an attempt to catch up with technology, science, political and social developments of several hundreds of years in which the language was not spoken ? the acquisition of Hebrew is anything but dull.

Add to that the fact that Hebrew is the language spoken in Israel, and you have an invaluable tool to observe, participate in, and interact with a culture unlike any other.

Israel is a unique place where old and new, East and West, religious and secular, conservative and liberal, reactionary and progressive combine into a society and market that are vibrant, dynamic, and active far beyond what the population’s numbers would predict. With an explosive startup industry, a fascinating stock market, a world renowned jewelry industry, a tourism appeal second to non, and s strong academic and artistic culture ? you will find your understanding of the culture and the language invaluable no matter what you interests are!

We offer a Minor in Hebrew, cultural classes, and co-listed courses with Judaic Studies. The scope of our offerings will allow you to tailor your studies to your own personal interests while following a rigorous curriculum and a thought provoking experience.

Hebrew Language Coordinator

Shelli Plesser

Hebrew Program Faculty

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