The Routledge Advanced Chinese Multimedia Course: Crossing Cultural Boundaries, Second Edition

Kun-Shan (Carolyn) Lee, Hsin-hsin Liang, Kiwei Jiao, and Julian K. Whetley

Written by a team of highly experienced instructors, the book is an innovative multimedia course for advanced students of Chinese. The authors offer advanced learners the opportunity to consolidate their knowledge of Chinese through a wide range of activities designed to build up both excellent language skills and cultural literacy.

Divided into four thematic units covering popular culture, social change, cultural traditions, and politics and history, the volume provides students with a structured course that efficiently supports the transition from an intermediate to an advanced level. The many different texts featured throughout the lessons present interesting and accurate information about contemporary China and introduce students to useful vocabulary, speech patterns, and idiosyncratic language usage.

A free companion website offers a wealth of video content forming the basis of many of the listening activities in the book.