Doordarshan Interview of Hindi Writer Vinod Kumar Shukla and Translator, Satti Khanna of the Duke Hindi Program

Conceived by writer and literary activist Namita Gokhale, the programme will have a participatory and inclusive format and showcase the multilingual diversity of Indian Literature. Addressing literary issues of contemporary through dialogue and conversation, Kitabnama shall feature books, readings and encounters with writers from the spheres of Hindi, English…
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Shakespeare in Baghdad

    • Abdul Sattar Jawad
Abdul Sattar Jawad, Visiting Professor of Comparative Literature, AMES It has been nearly thirty years since I drove to Oxford to visit its celebrated university and pay tribute to Shakespeare’s mausoleum in Stratford-upon-Avon in the heart of England. I was greeted in what seemed unthinkable: “Hey Sheikh Zbair, how’d…
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Unbroken: Ali Farzat after Security Police Torture

    • Arab
presented by Miriam Cooke, professor of Arab culture, AMES ARAB SPRINGS: REVOLUTION AND REPRESSION INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 16-18 February 2012 This second annual Duke-UNC Middle East Consortium brought together panelists from Egypt and Tunisia as well as scholars based in the U.S. who are working on the various Arab protest…
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Poetic Films: Satti Khanna, Associate Professor of the Practice, AMES

    • whattimeisitthere
In his presentation for AMES Conversations at Pop’s Restaurant on February 23, 2012 Satti Khanna argued that the quality of experience induced by films was as important as what the films were about. “Our usual method of reflection on a film,” he said, “is to narrate what the film…
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Event-based versus entity-based discourse processing: A comparative analysis of Korean and Japanese topic marking.

EunHee Lee, Associate Professor of Linguistics, University at Buffalo Time: February 21st, Tuesday, 4:30-6:00 pm Place: 240 Franklin Center, 2204 Erwin Rd., Durham It is commonly assumed that topic marking with wa and (n)un in Japanese and Korean respectively exhibits equivalent structural and pragmatic properties (Lee 1989, 2001; Kim 1990).…
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Faculty Working Group on Relocating Empires in the Asia-Pacific

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A critical look at South Korean immigration laws and regulations and the legal status and rights of foreign spouses

October 19th, Wednesday, 4:30-6:00 pm Professor Young Seon Kim Dong-A University, Pusan, Korea 130/132 Franklin Center, Room South Korea is in the transnational circuit of labor and marriage migration as a destination of unskilled or low-skilled workers and 'mail-order brides' from near-by and far-away countries. Asian women settling in Korea…
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miriam cooke on DUMESC (VIDEO)

miriam cooke, the director of DUMESC, profiles the center's certificates, student study abroad programs and external university affiliations.
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Iraq's Ambassador Visits Duke

Ambassador has hope for Iraq's future Despite nearly a decade of American military presence, a functioning democracy has still not manifested itself in Iraq, at least in the opinion of the Iraqi ambassador to the United States. Samir Sumaida’ie, who was appointed as Iraq’s ambassador to the U.S. in 2006,…
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    • rhetoric

Decolonial Taiwan

Professor Guo-Juin Hong's video installation comments on ongoing aspects of colonialism in Taiwan

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