Japanese Program Activities

Japanese Conversation Partner Program

Students have the opportunities to interact with a Japanese community on campus. Students who are enrolled in classes above JPN 102 have Japanese speaking partners throughout the academic year to practice the target language and enhance understanding of the culture.

Japanese Language Table

Weekly language table is held in conjunction with the Japanese Residential Hall. All Japanese speakers are welcome.

Japanese Residential Hall

The Japanese Hall is located in the West-Edens Link. The hall provides students with an opportunity to live in a community which focuses on different languages and cultures in a language theme hall. In an effort to compliment and enhance the classroom experience, hall members are encouraged and provided opportunities to speak their respective language as often as possible—to "live the language." It is a fun, educational, and rewarding place to live.

Duke Japanese Speech Contest

This annual event is held each spring semester. All students in the program participate in the preliminary stage and finalists selected compete with contestants from other institutions in the regions including North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.