Yan Liu
  • Yan Liu

  • Lecturer in the Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
  • Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
  • 2204 Franklin Center, Room 233
  • Campus Box 90414
  • Phone: 919-684-2902
  • Fax: 919-681-7871
  • Office Hours: Tue & Thur 2-3
  • Overview

    Dr. Liu's primary research interests include second language reading, biliteracy development, and teaching / learning Chinese as a second language / a foreign language / a heritage language
  • Specialties

    • Chinese
  • Current Projects

    Reading instruction and assessment for college foreign language content courses
  • Areas of Interest

    Second Language Acquisition
    Second Language Reading
    Biliteracy Development
    Heritage Language Acquisition
    Foreign Language Instruction and Assessment
    Teaching and Learning Chinese as a Foreign Language or a Second Language
  • Education

      • Ph.D.,
      • Carnegie Mellon University,
      • 2013
      • MA,
      • Beijing Foreign Studies University,
      • 2005
      • BA,
      • Lanzhou University,
      • 1999
    • Conferences

      • Developing An Online Course for Advanced Learners of Chinese.
        • January, 2014
        • Duke University
        • Yan Liu ; Paper presented at Southeast Conference Association for Asian Studies 53rd Annual Meeting
      • Assessing and Promoting Cultural Analysis Skills in Advanced Chinese Courses
        • November 22, 2013
        • 2013 ACTFL conference at Orlando
        • Yan Liu
      • Acquisition of Chinese Characters Among Child and Adult Learners: the Effects of Visual Complexity and Radical Presence.
        • May, 2013
        • Washington, D.C.
        • Kuo, L., Li, Y., Kim, T., Liu, Y., Li, H., & Wang, H. ; Poster presented at the annual conference of Association for Psychological Science.
      • L2 Semantic-gap Filling (SGF) in Chinese Reading Comprehension.
        • April, 2013
        • Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA.
        • Yan Liu ; Poster presented at the Annual Innovation with Impact Research Exhibition.
      • Lexical Inferecing Ability in Chinese as a Foreign Language.
        • March, 2013
        • Dallas, TX.
        • Yan Liu ; Paper presented at the annual conference of American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL)
      • A Synthesis Study of Morphological Awareness Instruction.
        • November, 2012
        • Philadelphia, PA.
        • Yan Liu ; Paper presented at the annual conference of Chinese Language Teachers Association (CLTA).
      • Lexical Inferencing Ability and Reading Comprehension in Chinese among American College Learners of Chinese
        • November, 2012
        • College Park, MD.
        • Yan Liu and Yueming Yu ; Paper presented at the first Maryland International Conference on Chinese as a Second Language.
      • Morphological Awareness and Lexical Inferencing Ability in Chinese as a Foreign Language.
        • October, 2012
        • Yan Liu ; Paper presented at the 31st Second Language Research Forum (SLRF)
      • Compound Awareness, Lexical Inferencing Ability and Reading Comprehension in Chinese as a Foreign Language.
        • March, 2012
        • Boston, MA.
        • Yan Liu ; Paper presented at the annual conference of American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL).
  • Recent Publications

      • LJ Kuo, TJ Kim, X Yang, H Li, Y Liu, H Wang, J Hyun Park and Y Li.
      • "Acquisition of Chinese characters: the effects of character properties and individual differences among second language learners.."
      • Frontiers in psychology
      • 6
      • (2015)
      • :
      • 986.
      • [web]
      Publication Description

      In light of the dramatic growth of Chinese learners worldwide and a need for cross-linguistic research on Chinese literacy development, this study drew upon theories of visual complexity effect (Su and Samuels, 2010) and dual-coding processing (Sadoski and Paivio, 2013) and investigated (a) the effects of character properties (i.e., visual complexity and radical presence) on character acquisition and (b) the relationship between individual learner differences in radical awareness and character acquisition. Participants included adolescent English-speaking beginning learners of Chinese in the U.S. Following Kuo et al. (2014), a novel character acquisition task was used to investigate the process of acquiring the meaning of new characters. Results showed that (a) characters with radicals and with less visual complexity were easier to acquire than characters without radicals and with greater visual complexity; and (b) individual differences in radical awareness were associated with the acquisition of all types of characters, but the association was more pronounced with the acquisition of characters with radicals. Theoretical and practical implications of the findings were discussed.

      • N Taguchi, S Li and Y Liu.
      • "Comprehension of conversational implicature in L2 Chinese."
      • Pragmatics and Cognition
      • 21
      • .1
      • (November, 2013)
      • :
      • 139-157.
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  • Selected Grants

    • AMES T6 IT grant
  • Teaching

    • CHINESE 204.002
      • Languages 207
      • MW 11:45 AM-12:35 PM
    • CHINESE 204.02D
      • Trent 039
      • TuTh 10:05 AM-11:20 AM
    • CHINESE 333.001
      • Trent 038A
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