Hebrew Major

Requirement: 10 Courses

Of the 10 courses, 8 must be at the 200 level or above. These courses should be distributed as follows:

Hebrew Language Courses: 3 to 6 Courses

  • 2 of these must be at the 300 level or above

Culture and Literature: 3 to 6 Courses

  • 2 of these must have an AMES course number

Literature/Culture Course outside of Hebrew: 1 to 2 Courses

  • Can be any AMES course
  • Must have AMES course number

Example of a Course Plan for Students Taking Intermediate-level Hebrew:

Language Courses
HEBREW 203—Intermediate Modern Hebrew I
HEBREW 204—Intermediate Modern Hebrew II
HEBREW 305S—Advanced Modern Hebrew I
HEBREW 306S—Advanced Modern Hebrew II

Literature and Culture Courses
AMES 145—Israel/Palestine: Comparative Perspectives
AMES 241—Contemporary Israeli Cinema 
RELIGION 290S—Special Topics in Religion: Death & Afterlife in Hebrew Bible
WOMENST 290S—Selected Topics in Women's Studies

Literature and Culture Courses Outside of Concentration
Any AMES course