Hebrew Minor

Requirements: 5 Courses

  • 4 Hebrew language courses above the HEBREW 102 level

  • 1 Hebrew literature and/or Israeli culture course*

NOTE: Students whose competence in a language exceeds the most advanced language course offered by the department may substitute for literature/culture courses in their area of concentration. Please contact language coordinators to schedule a placement test.  

* NOTE: only courses taken in one of Duke campuses could be counted towards the literature/culture requirement

Example of Course Plan for Study Taking Hebrew:

Language Courses
HEBREW 203—Intermediate Hebrew I
HEBREW 204—Intermediate Hebrew II
HEBREW 305S—Advanced Hebrew I
HEBREW 306S—Advanced Hebrew II

Literature and Culture Courses
1 of the following courses may be selected to fulfill this requirement:
AMES 145—Introduction to Israeli Culture
AMES 241—Contemporary Israeli Cinema 

NOTE: Requirements for the minor may be fulfilled by study abroad credit. For information on study abroad and whether specific courses may be applied to the Hebrew minor, please contact the department.

For students studying Hebrew but who do not plan to complete the minor, Duke University also offers a Certificate in Judaic Studies. Consult the Bulletin for specific requirements.