Arabic Program Activities

The Arabic program has created extensive series of cultural events that foster civic engagement with the Arabic speaking world and communities beyond Duke.

  • The program organizes language tables meetings on a regular basis, where native speakers are invited on campus.
  • Regular Arabiyat cultural nights are organized by the department, featuring a variety of Middle Eastern music, dance, and food. Read about the Fall 2012 Arabiyat event here.
  • The Duke Arabic program recently launched the Dardasha project to foster relationships between advanced Arabic students and the community of Iraqi refugees in Durham. Read more about the initiative here.
  • In the spring of 2011, elementary Arabic students worked with a Durham based group to create a sisterhood link between the city of Durham and an Iraqi city, called Rutab. Duke Arabic students helped 70 school children at the local Immaculata Catholic School in Durham by translating into Arabic their letters to the children at Houran elementary School in Rutba, Iraq.
Learning Arabic Through Music

In this ISLAMiCommentary article, Marianna Jordan writes about the "Arabic Dialect through Song" class.


The Dardasha Initiative

Arabic course students are involved in service-learning and community-based language learning