Arabic Study Abroad

Study abroad experience is a crucial component of the Duke Arabic program. Students can obtain this type of experience through one of two options (or they are welcome to look into programs sponsored by other universities):

Duke in the Arab World

Duke in the Arab World is a 6-week, 2 course summer program that is based in Egypt and Qatar. It is built off of a partnership between Duke University, Qatar University, Qatar Museum Authorities, the American University in Cairo and the Arab Academy in Cairo and provides students with intensive cultural and language immersion in these institutions.

Postcards from students on the program:



The DukeEngage in Egypt program requires participants to have a prior knowledge of Arabic. Students are placed into advanced Arabic levels during their summer civic engagement work in Cairo. The service focus of the program is on teaching literacy skills to refugees, supporting youth with physical disabilities, and offering assistance with community development.

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2012 Student Blog:

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The DukeEngage in Jordan program is organized by SIT Study Abroad in collaboration with DukeEngage and is based in Amman. For their civic engagement work, students are paired individually with organizations focused on educational, environmental, economic, health, refugee, and social issues. There is no language prerequisite, but students are given survival Arabic courses and for those who are learning the language, family homestays provide an ideal setting for practice.


The DukeEngage in Lebanon program is centered around education and public health. Participants will focus on developing and delivering a SAT exam preparation course for Palestinian and Lebanese high school students. There are additional opportunities to develop basic health teaching to seniors, women, and children from Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut. No language prerequisites are required, but experience with or interest in Arabic or French language is an advantage.