Theorizing Colonial Cinemas

This workshop brings together scholars and archivists who are seriously engaged in the films of the early twentieth century and their divided legacies and afterlives in Asia. Together we reexamine the lived and imagined experiences of modernity in these tumultuous times of transition from the colonial to the cold war eras and beyond. The gathering asks how might prior articulations about film theory, history, form and content, and ideologies be rearticulated when we put the colonial question at the center rather than the periphery of our concerns. Our distinguished keynote speakers are Zhang Zhen (NYU/NYU Shanghai) and Jane Gaines (Columbia University).

Theorizing Colonial Cinemas
November 12, 2016
Ahmadieh Family Conference Hall, John Hope Franklin Center

AMES Presents, APSI, Office of the Provost, Global Asia Institute, Franklin Humanities Institute, AMI, CAH, LIT, Yonsei University Futures Initiative, Academy of Korean Studies