Climate and History in Monsoon Asia


Speaker(s): Sunil Amrith and Clark L.Alejandrino
Climate history is an old field, but more recent experiences and understanding of climate change and the Anthropocene has transformed our conceptions of human-climate relationships. The two speakers in this webinar are pioneers exploring how the study of history can no longer afford to view human-climate relationships as relatively remote or stable variable.

Sunil Amrith is the Renu and Anand Dhawan Professor of History, and current chair of the South Asian Studies Council at Yale University. His research focuses on the movements of people and the ecological processes that have connected South and Southeast Asia.

Clark Alejandrino teaches at Trinity College. Clark finished a Ph.D. in East Asian Environmental History at Georgetown University. He specializes in the environmental history of China, especially its climate and animal history, covering the fifth to the twentieth century in his research.

The event is organized by Duke's Global Asia Initiative (GAI) in collaboration with the Asian Pacific Studies Institute (APSI). The event is also supported by iMEP (international Masters in Environmental Policy) and the ERC (Environmental Research Center) at DKU.

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Global Asia Initiative


Asian Pacific Studies Institute (APSI); International Master of Environmental Policy (iMEP)

Climate and History in Monsoon Asia

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