Graduate Students

2cd Year Students

Fangfei Wang Fangfei Wang (Ophelia)-2cd year class  of 2021-I received my B.A. in Translation and Interpretation at Shandong University, Weihai. My research interests include diaspora literature, especially Chinese American literature, cultural studies and gender studies - I want the voices to be heard and the stories to be told. I love doing Chinese calligraphy and cooking in my spare time.

Huiqi Zhang Huiqi Zhang-2cd year class of 2021-received her B.A. in Chinese languages and literatures at Beijing Foreign Studies University. Focusing on China, her academic interests cover modern and contemporary Chinese literature, film studies, cultural studies and gender studies, with a particular interest in corporeality, spatiality and temporality. She is currently working on the configuration of urban space in Hong Kong through material constructions as well as cultural constructions through representations in fictions and films. She enjoys playing volleyball and watching musicals in her spare time.

Jing Long Wee

Muyun Zhou Muyun Zhou -2cd year class  of 2021-graduated magna cum laude from Barnard College, with an Honors B.A. in Art History and English, and a minor in Translation Studies. Her research interests include diaspora in literature and visual arts, the interpretation and reconfiguration of tradition in the Modern period, aesthetics and practice in the 20th century, and translation studies. She loves skiing and ballet, and is a black belt competitor in Taekwondo.

Xiaoxu Huang Xiaoxu Huang -2cd year class  of 2021-graduated from Beijing Normal University with a B. A. in Chinese Language and Literature. Her research interest lies in modern and contemporary Chinese literature and cinema, with a particular emphasis on race, labor and gender. Outside the classroom, she enjoys photography, listening to music, watching movies and visiting exhibitions.

Yuchen Yan



Yuchen Yan -2cd year class  of 2021-received her BA at department of Chinese language and literature, Peking University. Her research interest focuses mainly on novels, dramas and gender studies in China in the twentieth century. She is especially interested in certain topics including cultural productions in metropolitan cities. Motivated by her aspiration to gain an insight into other cultures, she also minored in German and read literary works from all over the world extensively during her undergraduate studies. She enjoys writing dramas and poems, though whether she is a talented playwright and poet is still open to doubt. She is currently working on her capstone project about the representations of murder in old Shanghai.

Yue Yu Yue Yu -2cd year class  of 2021-was trained to be a lawyer when she was an undergraduate and now studies in the humanities as a master student who dreams of participating in filmmaking practice in the future. She earned her Bachelor of Laws from East China University of Political Science and Law and was once an exchange student to the University of Zurich. Her academic interests include film studies, area studies, and feminist/queer theory. She is currently working on gender expression in contemporary China and its entanglement with state apparatuses.

1st Year Students

Chengsi Wang-1st year class of 2022-Graduated fromTsing Hua University.

George Cai-1st year class of 2022-Graduated from Davidson College

Jingyi Liu-1st year class of 2022-Graduated from Peking University

Jingqing Yan-1st year class of 2022-Graduated from Australearn-Australian National University

Jinyi Li-1st year class of 2022-Graduated from University at Binghamton

Qionglin Lou Lou-1st year class of 2022-Graduated from Soochow University (Suzhou)

Siaho Huang-1st year class of 2022-Graduated from Sun Yat-Sen University

Song Bang Truong-1st year class of 2022-Graduated from University of California: Irvine

Xinyu Luo-1st year class of 2022-Graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Yuan Tian-1st year class of 2022-Graduated from University of California: Irvine

Yunfei Sun-1st year class of 2022-Graduated from Beijing Language & Culture University


Ruoyi BianRuoyi Bian (Jonna)-Alumni class of 2020-I studied about English Literature at Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan. My B.A. Thesis was about the British Aesthetic Movement in 19th Century and the Gilbert and Sullivan opera, Patience. I am very interested in Aestheticism in both Europe and Asia. Also, I would like to focus on the 20th century Asian literature in my future study, including the influences it received from western countries. During my free time, I enjoy playing the piano, watching movies and exercising.

Jane HanZhuyuan Han (Jane)-Alumni class of 2020-I obtained my B.A. in Chinese (Cross-Cultural Management) from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. I was once an ex-change student to Japan, where I studied classical Japanese literature, and was selected as one of the Chinese delegates for the 4th Asia Pacific Youth Exchange Program in Thailand last summer. I'm interested in the modernity as well as criticism of modern and contemporary Chinese literature. In particular, I am interested in gender and queer studies, hoping to explore how writers in modern China address minority issues in their work to transcend social constraints and to gain cultural identity. Besides, I also want to focus on Sinophone studies to read Chinese writings in the context of world literature. In my spare time, I love playing the piano,  traveling and swimming.

Anisa KhalifaAnisa Khalifa -Alumni class of 2020-graduated with high distinction from the University of Toronto with an Honors B.A. in English and Diaspora & Transnational Studies. Her academic interests are critical race theory, diaspora and multiculturalism, the study of Asian and Asian American identities, the construction of the model minority myth, Islamophobia, and the critical analysis of media and pop culture. She is a freelance culture and entertainment writer and co-hosts a podcast about Korean dramas. She also writes poetry, cooks, and drinks too much coffee.

Ziyang LiZiyang Li -Alumni class of 2020-majored in Chinese language and literature and finally got his B.A degree in Zhejiang University in China. During his undergraduate years, his research interest covers the intellectual history, political discourse and literature from Ming and Qing Dynasties to new Chinese time. He is going to further focus his studies on the social transformation and literature in modern Chinese history in his graduate years. He is also a music lover.

Chuxu LuChuxu Lu -Alumni class of 2020-After gaining my BA at the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Peking University, I did graduate coursework at Stanford before coming here. Focusing on China from late imperial to contemporary, I am particularly interested in areas where literary studies meets cultural history, Diaspora studies, and film/media studies. I have lasting interests in Japanese and Latin American literature.

Andre TranAndrew Tran -Alumni class of 2020-received his B.S. in Computer Science from Princeton University where he also received an in-the-nick-of-time flurry of condensed and eclectic training in literary, film, and area studies. His research interests include the metadiscourses of cultural and area studies as they determine and overdetermine the theoretically ambivalent notion of nationality in postcolonial East Asia. Andrew grew up in Portland, Oregon.

Cherry WangXinran Wang (Cherry)-Alumni class of 2020- I did my B.A. in English literature, translation and interpretation at China Foreign Affairs University with a great passion in diaspora literature and the application of anthropologic method or philosophic theory in lit critics. I am a person with two totally different characters; one enjoys marathon running and traveling while the other stays home cooking and writing novels.

Luming ZhangLuming Zhang-Alumni class of 2020- For my Bachelor’s degree, I study Chinese language and literature at Southwest University. My academic interest is modern and contemporary Chinese literature; women’s literature and cultural studies. I also wish to conduct nuanced research on how modern conceptualizations of writings are infused with political, social, and cultural influences. During my spare time, I enjoyed listening in classic music and doing yoga. Looking forward to be a part of Duke community!

Wenxian ZhangWenxian Zhang(Chloe) -Alumni class of 2020-received her B.A. degree in Chinese Literature at Peking University, with a focus on modernity and modernism, gender studies and popular culture. With rich real-world experiences in East Asian regions, she is specifically interested in multiple cultural identities presented in contemporary literary, visual and media texts in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Outside of the classroom, she is keen on creative writing, NGO services, and cinema productions.