Hindi Program Activities

Video Skit Competition

Deadline December 3, 2017. Duke students are invited to make 5-minute videos in Hindi, based loosely on a scene from a Bollywood film. For more information, contact: kusum.knapczyk@duke.edu, or skhanna@duke.edu

Hindi Festival

A spring event for all Hindi students where students from different Hindi classes present skits, recite poems, stories to showcase their Hindi language proficiency.

Hindi Table

An hour-long weekly event overlooked by TA, provides student an open platform to exchange/practice simple dialogues in Hindi, learn new words/phrases etc. This Hindi table is focused on speaking only.

Hindi Talent Show

Each fall Hindi students show their Hindi speaking skills through skits, presentations, video clips, songs, and dances. Everybody is invited to this event. 

Bollywood Movie

Every semester students watch a recent Bollywood movie. Please see the the Hindi at Duke University Facebook page for more information.