“I Can’t Breathe” is About Ethics, Not Politics

George Floyd Protesters

Mbaye Lo, associate professor of the practice of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies, wrote an opinion piece for Medium.com regarding the murder of George Floyd:

"Most commentaries on the brutal murder of George Floyd have been concerned with the politics of policing. But the observed evidence at the scene of Floyd’s death indicates a need to cultivate an ethical culture in policing. Derek Chauvin’s callous expression and other officers’ indifferent attitude to the heartfelt pleas of both the victim and the citizen onlookers mirror a deeply-seated ethical deficiency in these law enforcement agents. They are a product of an institutional tradition that alienates ethics from politics. Unless this paradoxical relationship is overhauled and the human value made of paramount importance, the normalization of violence that has persisted since the antebellum era will continue to linger." (Continue reading on Medium.com.)