Abdelrazzaq Ben Tarif

Abdelrazzaq Ben Tarif

Instructor* of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Arabic instructor Ben Tarif has six years of experience teaching Arabic in a classroom setting, a master’s of arts teaching Arabic for speakers of other language (2009), and a master’s in American studies (2014) from the University of Jordan.

This is my second year in Duke and I really like it here, I felt home since day one. Duke has been a dream for me and I am so glad I made it here.

'I have always considered myself a cultural boundary crosser of some sort or another since my youth. As a boundary crosser, I have learned a great deal about other people and the world around me in part due to openness to other cultures. This openness has also helped to broaden my perspective and better understand culture-specific behavior. I feel that these are essential qualities for a language teacher to possess, and in fact, it is this awareness that motivated me initially to enter the field of Teaching Arabic Speaking of Other Languages (TASOL). As a student in an exceptional TASOL degree program, I was able to build upon my original motivation a solid theoretical foundation on which to base my future teaching approach.

My research:

  • Teaching Spoken Arabic, a faster way to communicate
  • Differences between spoken and standard Arabic.
  • Also I interested in terrorist groups and my second master thesis focused on The Evolution of Islamic Militias.

Education & Training

  • M.A., University of Jordan (Jordan) 2009