Shelli Plesser

Shelli Plesser

Lecturer in the Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

External address: 
2204 Erwin Road Room 234, Box 90414, Durham, NC 27708
Internal office address: 
Box 90414, Durham, NC 27708-0414
(919) 684-6104


Her interests are focused primarily on the communicative performance of languages with a strong adherence to the Chomskian-generative view of language, language development, and language acquisiton. She also is a strong supporter of the incorporation of cultural content in class linguistic as well as non-linguistic (music, movies, commercials etc). Shelli is a native Hebrew speaker (she was born and raised in Israel) and has been interested in language acquisition as well as multilingualism for many years. Before joining the Modern Hebrew program at Duke, Shelli taught Modern Hebrew at Yale University, and English as a Second Language in Israel.

Education & Training

  • M.A., Boston University 1991

  • B.A., Tel Aviv University (Israel) 1987