Persian Placement Guidelines

Placement in a Persian language class follows the AMES department placement policy.

These guidelines are to help you choose a proper course. Please note that self-placement has to be approved or corrected by the instructor. If you have studied Persian prior to Duke, you must take a placement test to be officially placed into the right course. Contact courses instructor Fattaneh Naeymi-Rad

Self-Assessment Guidelines

Find the statement that best describes your experience in Persian, and follow the instructions.

I have never studied or been exposed to Persian.
My parents mostly speak Persian to me. I understand them, but cannot read or write.
I understand Persian, but cannot speak. I am familiar with the script.
I can communicate about basic things in Persian with some effort, and mostly can read but I don't understand everything I read.  
I can speak colloquial Persian fairly fluently, and am able to read and write simple passages.
My parents are Iranians. They mostly speak Persian with me. I attended Iranian children school for more than 2 years.
I attended an Iranian elementary school for 3 years.