Turkish Placement Guidelines

Placement in a Turkish language class follows the AMES department placement policy.

These guidelines are intended to acquaint you with the levels of Turkish classes offered at AMES. It will help you chose the right course for your initial enrollment. This self-placement test has to be confirmed and corrected by a formal placement assessment. The official placement will have to be conducted by the instructor. Contact the coordinator Erdağ Göknar, goknar@duke.edu or the instructor Didem Havlioğlu, didem.havli@duke.edu.

Self-Assessment Guidelines

Find the statement that best describes your experience in Turkish, and follow the instructions.

I have never studied Turkish.
Turkish is spoken in my family. I cannot understand most of what they say.
I had studied Turkish a few years ago. I cannot remember most of it.
Turkish is spoken in my family. I can communicate in daily language.
I studied Turkish for one semester in Turkey.
I studied Turkish for one year in Turkey. I can communicate on basic level and write basic passages about weather, location, personal information.
I studied Turkish for more than a year.