Persian is the ancient and modern language of Persia, Iran, and Afghanistan, the language of the Epic of Kings, the Robâiyât of Omar Khayyâm, and the mystical and spiritual verse of the great poet Rumi. Persian is an Indo-European language, related to English and French, but written in an Arabic script. Farsi is the dialect of Iran, Dari that of Afghanistan, Tajiki that of Tajikistan. The Duke Persian Program provides a foundation in the 4 skills of the language through a task-based, learner-centered, communicational and interactive method enriched with authentic culture.

Persian Placement Guidelines

Placement in a Persian language class follows the AMES department placement policy.

These guidelines are to help you choose a proper course. Please note that self-placement has to be approved or corrected by the instructor. If you have studied Persian prior to Duke, you must take a placement test to be officially placed into the right course. Contact courses instructor Shahla Adel,

Self-Assessment Guidelines

Find the statement that best describes your experience in Persian, and follow the instructions.

I have never studied or been exposed to Persian.
My parents mostly speak Persian to me. I understand them, but cannot read or write.
I understand Persian, but cannot speak. I am familiar with the script.
I can communicate about basic things in Persian with some effort, and mostly can read but I don't understand everything I read.  
I can speak colloquial Persian fairly fluently, and am able to read and write simple passages.
My parents are Iranians. They mostly speak Persian with me. I attended Iranian children school for more than 2 years.
I attended an Iranian elementary school for 3 years.