Placement Guidelines

Everyone who is new to the AMES language program is required to take a placement test/interview. You must enroll in the level of class in accordance with the placement result, and cannot enroll in a course below the placed level. Steps can be taken as follows: 

  1. Refer to self-placement guidelines (located on the webpage of each individual language) and course descriptions to sign up for a class.  
  2. Contact the instructor or the program director/coordinator for the official placement. You will be given a background questionnaire, and written and oral tests as needed. Placement advising is available throughout the academic year, but the placement must be completed no later than the first week of classes for the semester.   
  3. Enroll in the class determined by the placement result. If you happen to have signed up for a different level, you will need to switch to the correct class.

Additional Information regarding Trinity College's foreign language requirements is available at its Policies & Procedures web page.