Arabic Major

Requirement: 10 Courses

Of the 10 courses (at least 10 credits), 8 must be at the 200 level or above. These courses should be distributed as follows:

Arabic Language Courses: 3 to 6 Courses

  • All must be above the elementary level
  • 2 of these must be at the 300 level or above
  • Language courses at the 100 level will not count toward the major

Arabic Literature/Culture Courses: 4 to 7 Courses

  • Distribution of courses: at least one at the 100 level, at least one at the 200-300 level, and at least one course at the 400 level or above  (each course must equal one credit)
  • Three of these must be taken in AMES 
  • Students may count 1-2 AMES courses dealing with other literature and cultures toward their majors. All courses have to be at the 100-level and above

Senior portfolio


Example of a Course Plan for the Arabic Concentration:

Language Courses
ARABIC 203—Intermediate Arabic I
ARABIC 204—Intermediate Arabic II
ARABIC 305—Advanced Arabic I
ARABIC 306—Advanced Arabic II

Literature and Culture Courses
AMES 225—Egypt: Mother of the World
AMES 322—Mystical Literature
AMES 490S—Special Topics
AMES 629S—Muslim Networks Across Time and Space
HISTORY 190S—Gateway Seminar
RELIGION 374S—Muslim Philosophy and Theology
SES 279FS—Turkey: Muslim and Modern
TURKISH 209FS—Geopolitics & Globalization: From Bosnia to Afghanistan
TURKISH 308—The Turks: From Ottoman Empire to European Union
WOMENST 290S—Selected Topics in Women's Studies

Literature and Culture Courses Outside of Concentration
AMES 410—Trauma and Space in Asia