Alexis (Lex) Morton, B.A. 2015

Associate Store Leader, Apple Japan

2015 Major: Asian & Middle Eastern Studies and International Comparative Studies

How has AMES helped?

"After graduating from Duke with a degree in AMES, I was able to work as an Assistant Language Teacher on the JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) Program in Nara, Japan for 3 years. Throughout these past three years, I have been able to use the Japanese language skills acquired through my Japanese Language and Culture concentration to participate in a multitude of cultural exchange events at the grassroots level. Whether it was assisting in community classes or lecturing other teachers on effective communication and collaboration techniques, AMES equipped me with the ability to interact and connect with individuals from various backgrounds. The rigorous language courses also pushed me to perfect my language abilities. As a result, I have continued my language studies and (so far) have acquired certifications for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test level 1 and the Kanji Kentei (Japanese Kanji Aptitude Test) level 4. Starting in the fall, I will be joining Apple Japan as an Associate Store Leader. I decided to remain in Japan for a few more years but wanted to represent my home country as a cultural ambassador for a company that has a major global presence. AMES gave me the opportunity to re-imagine the idea of global citizenship and the responsibilities that follow. And as a global citizen, I am using my knowledge and privilege to not only further my success, but also educate those around me."

Alexis (Lex) Morton (2015)