Past Thesis Projects

2021 Senior Thesis Students: 

  • Chapin Ruffa—“ ‘Umbrella as Weapon’: Identity, Creativity, and Social Media in Hong Kong's Pro-Democracy Movement” (Thesis advisor: Leo Ching) 
  • Anna Klingensmith—“Exploring Cultural Influence on Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (P/CVE) Policy: A Cultural Analysis and Comparison Between Jordan and the United Kingdom” (Thesis advisor: Shai Ginsburg) 
  • Michelle Rodriguez—“Cyberspace in the Middle East: An Analysis of US and Iranian State Cyber Operations and their Effects on Regional Politics” (Thesis advisor: Mbaye Lo) 

2020 Senior Thesis Students:

  • Allison Rose Geary—“Online Censorship in Egypt: The Silencing and Creation of a Constituency” (Thesis Advisor: Mbaye Lo)
  • Jessica Marlow—“Child Valuation in Contemporary China: Abandonment, Institutional Care, and Transnational Adoption” (Thesis Advisor: Carlos Rojas)
  • Giacomo Beresford McCarthy—“Social Remembering; Plastic History: The Politics of Power and the Famine in Lebanon, 1915-18” (Thesis Advisor: Erdag Goknar)
  • Natasha Mia Rothenbucher—“Where Are You from? Problematizing Jordanian National Identity” (Thesis Advisor: Mbaye Lo)
  • Bryan Hoyler Rusch—“Transportation Networks and Social Dynamics in the UAE Imagined Inheritance: The Legacy of Colonial Transportation Ideology and Network” (Thesis Advisor: miriam cooke)

2019 Senior Thesis Students:

  • Clark Moore Goff—“On the Nature of 20th and 21st Century Gendered Marketing Strategies and Perceptions Toward Cigarette Products in the United States and China” (Thesis Advisor: Carlos Rojas)
  • Caitlin Lopez—“Otome Games: Narrative, Gender and Globalization” (Thesis Advisor: Leo Ching)
  • Daniella Rose Nevid—“The Effects of Everyday Discrimination on the Mental Health of Muslim Students at Duke University” (Thesis Advisor: Ellen McLarney)
  • Natasha Jo Torrens—“Female Labor Force Participation in Turkic Countries: A Study of Azerbaijan and Turkey” (Thesis Advisor: Erdag Goknar, Didem Havlioglu)
  • Amulya Vadapalli—“Arguing Justice in Yemen’s Civil War: A Researcher’s Notebook” (Thesis Advisor: Mbaye Lo)
  • Shuqi Zhao—“Remembering or Forgetting Wartime Sexual Violence: The Contemporary Discourse on the “Comfort Women” Issue in China” (Thesis Advisor: Nayoung Aimee Kwon)

2018 Senior Thesis Students:

  • Shivam Narayan Dave— "Translation of Maithilisharan Gupt’s Saket"
  • Luul Yasmine Lampkins—"The Afterlives of Mao: Discourses, Representations, and Politics"
  • Attyat Mayans—"Evaluating changing attitudes towards education in the People’s Republic of China: Western disruption and the rise of the study abroad movement"
  • Sydney Ella Smith—"Heritage with a High Price Tag: The Rise of China's Luxury Automotive Industry"
  • Quinn Alison Steven—"Fast Food, Street Food: Western Fast Food’s Influence on Fast Service Food in China"

2017 Senior Thesis Students:

  • John Stathis—"Ainu, Identity, and Japanese Imperial Nationalism"

2016 Senior Thesis Students:

  • Tessa Deardorff—"'Three Tentacles of Terror': Israeli Securitization after the Arab Spring"
  • Emma Campbell-Mohn—"The World's New Peacekeeper? An Analysis of China's Personnel Contributions to UN Peacekeeping Missions"
  • Jessica Gold—"The Islamic State: The Manifestation of a Violently Intimate Utopian Imaginary"
  • Thao Nguyen—"The Role of National Status in Refugee Narratives: A Case Study on Palestinian and Sudanese Productions"

2015 Senior Thesis Students:

  • Stephanie Egeler—"Women's Legal Status in Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco in the Post Arab Spring Era"
  • Kaidi Gao—"Listening for Revolution, Sharing for Uprising: Media's Role in the National Revolts in 1979 Iran and 2010 Tunisia"
  • Nali Julia Gillespie—"Exile Amidst a Lost Sense of Purpose: Asylum Experiences of Iraqi Refugees in Jordan"
  • Anna Lamb—"Gendering the Public Sphere in the Middle East and North Africa: Feminist Counter-Publics on the Internet"
  • Alexis Morton—"Yellow Skin, Black Masks: Constructing and Performing Blackness in Japan"
  • Courtney Murray—"Beyond the Lens: Analyzing Nationalism in Egyptian Cinema"
  • Jaya Z. Powell—"Denying Difference: Japanese Identity and the Myth of Monoethnic Japan"
  • Anna Quian—"Barefoot Doctors of the Cultural Revolution: Examining Educated Youth Experiences of Politicization and Remembrance"
  • Archer Wang—"Chinese Online Literature as Popular Culture"

2014 Senior Thesis Students:

  • Jonathan Hafferkamp—"Reframing Youth Apathy in Jordan: An Anarchist Approach to Politics in the Hashemite Kingdom"
  • Shelby Hart-Armstrong—"Visual Battleground: Contestation of Egyptian Public Spaces"

2013 Senior Thesis Students:

  • Jose Lamazares—“From Mario to Smash Brothers: Historical, Social, and Technological Formations of Nintendo.”  
  • Thomas Jun Hong—“Japanese Nationalist Discourse from the End of the World War II to the Present.” 
  • Sabrina Anne McCutchan—“Hollywood Films in Mainland Chinese Theaters: Emergent Models of Film Production, Emergent Discourses of Chineseness.”  
  • Fernando Revelo La Rotta—““Are You Gay?" A Queer Ethnography of Sex and Sexuality in Egypt.” 
  • Rachel Leng—“Tongzhi Tales in Mainland China: Chinese Gay Male Subjectivities in Online Comrade Literature.”

2012 Senior Thesis Students:

  • John Nelson III—"Writing He: The Evolution of Discourse on Rural-to-Urban Migration Through the Self-Representation of He Zhenzong in The City Is Also Ours." 
  • Michelle Zhang—"Mediating Modernity: Constructions of Urban Chinese Women in Ling Long (1931-1937) and ELLE (1988-1998)." 
  • Janice Jeong—"The Nation in the World and the World in the Nation: A Comparison of Historical Narratives of Egyptian, South Korean, and Chinese Textbooks During the Early Cold War: From a Global Perspective." 
  • Erica Nagi—"Constructing the Future: The Process of Street Rehabilitation in Cairo, Egypt--A Case Study on Ana El Masry Organization."

2011 Senior Thesis Students:

  • Debra Armour—“The African-American-Korean Encounter:   Race Relations between African-American Soldiers and Korean Civilians during the Korean War”
  • Katherine Booth—“Arguing ‘community’ in a Muslim Context:  The Case of the Muslim Community in the Triangle”
  • Michael Chenkin—“Praise Be to Chairman Mao, the Reddest Sun in our Hearts!:   Probing the Cultural and Visual Religious Qualities of Mao Zedong-centric Chinese Propaganda”
  • Yasmina Chergui—“Morocco’s Years of Lead: A Look inside Moroccan Prison Literature”
  • Hye Jung “Sarah” Kim—“Evangelical Aid: Humanitarian Aid or Religious Coercion”
  • Minah Kim—“Lessons from Helsinki: Effects of U.S. Foreign Policy on the Protection of North Korean Human Rights”
  • Mallory McLoughlin—“Americanizing al Qaeda: The Case of Anwar al-Awlaki”
  • Sharon Mei—“Voices Represented: Mediating Factors in Documentary Film’s Conception of Chinese Women”
  • Muntasir Natour—“Palestinian Hip-Hop: Narrative Functions and Articulation of Resistance”
  • Linda Zhang—“Representations of Chinese Migrant Women: Documenting and Reshaping the Dagongmei”