Recent Graduates & Thesis Projects

2023 Graduates:

  • Yumeng Yang-"A Feminized Diaspora: Precarity, Gendered labor and Cultural Politics of Teaching Chinese in America"
  • Yidan Wang-“In Between the Closet and the Wild: Queer Animality in Contemporary China”
  • Yufei Sun-“Studies in Chinese Harry Potter Danmei Tongren Fiction and Fandom"
  • Huanqiu Hu-"Narrating the Covid-19 Cyber-Memoryscape in China: from the Social Media Infodemic to the Politicisation of Pandemic"
  • Suchen Ding-"(Self)Representation of Migrant Workers in Chinese Smaller-Screen Visual Practices: From DV-made Documentaries to Short Videos"
  • Xuanye He-"Virtuality and Vulnerability: the Queer Performances of Chinese VTubers."
  • Sihao Huang-"Embodied Fate: the Character Economy and the Precarious Subjectivity in Gacha Games"

2022 Graduates:

  • George Cai – "Tree-Burning: Yu Hua and Can Xue as Writers of the Rhizome"
  • Qionlin Lou – "An Invisible Conundrum: Visualizing 'Queer Immobility' in the Contemporary PRC"
  • Jinyi Li – “Feminists without Feminism: Women’s Online Movement in Contemporary China”
  • Jingyi Liu – "American literary reportage about China during the Sino-Japanese war"
  • Son Truong – "Minor Mobilities: A Historical Analysis of Little Saigon through Oral History"
  • Yuan Tian – “Falling in Love With Virtual Boyfriends: Otome Games in Japan and Mainland China”

2021 Graduates:

  • Fangefei Wang – "Imagining China: Reading Li Ziqi and Fangfang from a Nationalist Perspective”
  • Huiqi Zhang – “The Cartogfraphy of Hong Kong Urban Space: Living and Walking in the Cinematice Cityscapes of Fruit Chan and Ann Hui”
  • Jing Long Wee – “Reading for Cosmotechnics: Dissipation, Enflaming and the Contemporary”
  • Muyun Zhou – “Art is to Sacrifice One’s Death”: the aesthetic and ethic of the Chinese Diasporic Artist Mu Xin”
  • Xiaoxu Huang – “The Ideology of Feminine Beauty in 21st Century China”

2020 Graduates:

  • Ruoyi Bian – "The Female Figures in Aesthetic Literature in Early Twentieth-Century China and Japan—Yu Dafu and Tanizaki Junichiro as Examples"
  • Zhuyuan Han – "Gentility in Drinking: Chinese Intellectuals and Tea/Coffee Culture in Republican Shanghai (1920s-1930s)"
  • Anisa Fatima Khalifa – "Visualizing the Fractured Nation: Narratives of (Un)belonging in 21st-century Indian and South Korean Media"
  • Ziyang Liu – "The Voice as A Transcending Power: The Female Singer, Body, and Political Discourse in 1930s Shanghai"
  • Chuxu Lu – "Narrating Cats and Cat Lovers in Modern China: Animality, Subjectivity, and Media Space"
  • Andrew Tran – "The Street Must Be Defended: Towards a Theory of Assembly on Hong Kong’s Avenida de la Revolución"
  • Xinran Wang – "Culinary Nostalgia and Fantasy: Dip the Post-socialist China in Hot Pot"
  • Luming Zhang – "Politicizing art in Mao and post-Mao era"
  • Wenxian Zhang – "The Gaze of “Chaos”: Temporal-Spatial Migration and Power Dynamics in a Globalizing Post-Socialist China"

2019 Graduates:

  • Zihan Feng – "Travels in and out of the Peach Blossom Spring: Diasporic Utopian Imaginations in Contemporary China"
  • Tojiro Kataya – "Covering, Localizing, and Retracing: Japanese Popular Songs’ Cover Versions in Taiwan and PRC"
  • Nian Liu – "A Transition from "Vulgar" to "Polite" Nationalism in China? Roles played by females and popular culture"
  • Xiaoning Lu – "Who’s the Murderer: Why is this detective reality show so popular?"
  • Dingding Wang – "Cyberpunk in China: The (Trans)Forming of a Genre, Discourse and Aesthetics"
  • Yatong Wang – "Detecting the Post-Fukushima Anxieties in Forensic Crime Fiction: Genre, Discourse, and a Case Study on Unnatural"
  • Kaiyang Xu – "Documenting the Rural Space in Postsocialist China: State Power, Rural People, and Filmmaker in Spatialized Power Dialectics"

2018 Graduates:

  • Chu Deng (Thesis information not available)
  • Xinglu Jiang (Thesis information not available)
  • Chuanhui Meng – "The Politics and Aesthetics of Cinematic Motions in Left-Wing Film Productions and Discourses in 1930s China"
  • Yi Sun – "The Autobiographical Animal: On Human’s Biological and National Identities"
  • Keyun Tian – "A Questionable Shape: Queer Spectrality in Contemporary Taiwanese Literature"
  • Ningxin Xu – "Extinction as Equivocation: Inquiry in Political Ontology"
  • Yumin Yang (Thesis information not available)
  • Fei Yuan (Thesis information not available)
  • Haoyue Zhang – "Growing Sideways: A discussion on the Figure of Child in China"