Frequently Asked Questions

I have accepted admission. Now what? 

Please check out the admitted students page on The Graduate School website.  The TGS website is a great resource for information!

What does a CAH course schedule look like? 

Our curriculum is flexible and caters to the excitingly diverse range of student interests. Therefore, we require a total of ten (10) credits, five (5) of which must be originated from AMES/CAH; the other five (5) can be from other departments such as History, Literature, and Cultural Anthropology. 


What courses can I take for credit towards the CAH MA? 

CAHers can take any 500 level or higher courses towards their degree.  Five (5) courses must originate from AMES/CAH.

When do you submit prospectus? 

CAH students submit their thesis prospectus in the spring.  The Director of Graduate Studies Assistant (DGSA) will collect the information and send it to the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) for approval.

When do you apply for summer research grants? 

Students will begin applying for summer research grants in February. Please check the CAH website for information about how to apply for summer research grants, then. You will also receive information about applying for summer research grants from the DGSA, Stacy Weiss.  You are always welcome to contact the DGSA with your questions.  

Who will be my advisor? 

The DGS will serve as the preliminary advisor for incoming students related to course selections and other academic matters. By the end of the first year, each student will submit a capstone project prospectus and indicates who his/her thesis advisor will be based on their mutual agreement to work together.  Advisors must be core faculty in the CAH program.  It is permissible to choose to have two co-advisors as long as one is a core faculty member in the CAH program.

What is it like living in Durham, NC?

You can learn more about the vibrant city of Durham, home of Duke University, through information gathered by Duke's Admissions team in this "Get to Know the Bull City" website