Senior Portfolio

On their final semester, AMES major should turn in a “senior dossier.” The dossier is a capstone that recognizes your work and expertise in the language(s) and culture(s) you chose to work on. It will aid your search for a job and/or application for graduate programs. Most of the documents requested for the dossier are materials you have generated already in your regular coursework. You should complete this workbook on PebblePad by the Last Day of Classes of your final semester. Contact: Assessment Coordinator

 The dossier includes:

  • List of coursework and related curricular and extracurricular pursuits:
    In addition to the courses you have taken, indicate other, related pursuits, such as a semester abroad, Duke Engage, internship, sustained involvement in non-profit work, and more.
    Include prizes you have received in the course of your studies.
  • Papers:
    Honors thesis (if produced)
    research papers you have written for an AMES class or an independent study with AMES faculty (revised if you like)
    You may include papers you have written in an AMES language for any of your classes.
  • Creative Work:
    Have you produced creative work for your AMES classes: poem or short fiction, essays, dramatic piece, music clip, film, painting, sculpture, game or any other object? Please include it (a photo in the case of a physical object) with a brief description.
  • Translations:
    Have you been engaged in substantive translation projects, including interpretation/subtitling/dubbing for one of your AMES courses or in other courses using your AMES languages? Please include these.
  • Publications:
    Any academic, artistic, journalistic or other publications.
  • Short Reflective Essay:
    To introduce the materials in the dossier, write a brief, 3-pqages (or more) essay reflecting on your experience at AMES: What was your experience in AMES? What have you learnt? What surprised you? Did you travel to Asia and the Middle East as part of your studies? How has your time abroad shaped your understanding of the language and culture you have studied? How has your view of the world and of yourself changed?

You may start working on your portfolio at any time (the sooner the better!) 

Log into PebblePad to begin your portfolio . Watch the video below for information about filling your portfolio:

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