The Duke Hindi program is founded on conversational Hindi. All 4 levels of Hindi—from beginning Hindi to advanced classes—develop improvisational skills in conversation as the foundation for advanced linguistic facility. Beginning classes use samples from Bollywood and cable to supplement grammar exercises. Advanced classes include texts from newspapers, magazines, non-fiction works of analysis and evocative literary material.

Hindi Placement Guidelines

Placement in a Hindi language class follows the AMES department placement policy.

These guidelines are intended to acquaint you with levels of Hindi classes and to help you pick out the right course for you prior to finalization by the official placement. A self-placement has to be confirmed or corrected by a formal placement assessment. Contact the coordinator (Satti Khanna) or the lecturer (Kusum Knapczyk kusum.knapczyk@duke.edu)

Self-Assessment Guidelines

Find the statement that best describes your experience in Hindi, and follow the instructions. 

I have never studied or been exposed to Hindi. 
My parents speak Hindi to me: Sometimes they do, but I hardly understand them.
My parents speak Hindi to me: I understand them, but cannot speak well. I know the Hindi script but do not understand what I read.
I watch Bollywood films with interest: I can follow the principal events but do not understand the dialogue.
I watch Bollywood films with interest: I understand the dialogue, but cannot speak Hindi well. I know the Hindi script but do not understand what I read.
I speak Hindi with my parents and friends: I can communicate about basic things in Hindi with some effort, and can read and understand sentences slowly.
I speak Hindi with my parents and friends: I can speak everyday Hindi fairly fluently, and am able to read and write simple passages.
I attended a Hindi-medium school OR studied Hindi in school: I attended a Hindi-medium school for less than 2 years.
I attended a Hindi-medium school OR studied Hindi in school: I studied Hindi in school for more than 2 years.
I attended secondary school in India: I took Hindi classes for at least 2 years.
  • Enroll in HINDI 407 or 408 (Issues in Hindi Language and Society I or II)

Note on learning the Hindi script:

Those who do not know the Hindi script but wish to be placed, on the basis of speaking/understanding skills, in a higher class, should learn the script on their own prior to the placement interview (contact the coordinator or instructor for help). The online SOAS site http://www.avashy.com/hindiscripttutor.htm is recommended for script practice. If there is sufficient interest, the Hindi program will run a script workshop in April to prepare students for appropriate placement in the Fall. Hindu script practice

Hindi Program Activities

Hindi Conversation Club, Spring 2019, at Saladelia @The Perk (Perkins Library)

4:00-4:30pm, January 31st, February 28th, March 28th

All abilities and levels of Hindi speakers are welcome. Make new friends while practicing your Hindi!

Bollywood Movie,  Badhaai ho बधाई हो

February 22, 2019, Friday 5:30 pm. Location: White Lecture Hall-107 (East campus).




Every semester students watch a recent Bollywood movie. Please see the the Hindi at Duke University Facebook page for more information.


Hindi Language Resources

Hindi Language Resources


Facebook page: Hindi at Duke University

Duke related programs


Duke India Initiative

Hindu Students Association


Scholarships for Hindi-Urdu students

Boren Scholarship
Critical Language Scholarship
Gilman Scholarship Program
Fulbright U.S. Student Program     

AIIS- American Institute of Indian Studies

South Asia Summer Language Institute


Online newspaper and magazines


Jansatta Hindi newspaper

Sarita magazine

Navbharat Times-Hindi newspaper

Dainik janran-Hindi newspaper

BBC Hindi

Grihshobha-Hindi magazine


Study Tools


Shabdkosh -Hindi Dictionary

Hindi-Urdu Flagship

Digital Dictionary

Hindi Resources

Hindi Script

Hindi Stories

Gali Gali Sim Sim

Hindi Script & Grammar



Famous and best TV serials in India

Satyamev Jayte सत्यमेव जयते - Social issues
Malguri days मालगुडी डेज़- based on R. K. Narayan’s stories
Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai साराभाई वर्सेज़ साराभाई- Comedy
Baa, Bahoo aur Baby बा, बहू और बेबी- family and society
Crime patrol क्राइम पट्रोल– India’s crime and police system
Yes boss येस बॉस- Comedy

Rishta.com रिश्ता.कॉम -comedy, social issues, relationship

Kaun banega karorpati कौन बनेगा करोड़पति -A game show

Bade acche lagte hain बड़े अच्छे लगते हैं -family drama


All-time hit Bollywood movies

1. Mughal-e-azam मुग़ले आज़म
2. Guide गाइड
3. Sholey शोले
4. Jeweltheif ज्वैलथीफ
5. Deewar दीवार
6. Dilwale Dulhania le jaayenge दिलवाले दुल्हनिया ले जाएंगे
7. Kabhi khushi kabhi gam. कभी ख़ुशी कभी गम
8. Om Shanti Om ओम शांति ओम
9. 3 idiots 3 इडियट्स
10. Dil to pagal hai. दिल तो पागल है
11. Omkara ओमकारा
12. Munna Bhai MBBS मुन्ना भाई एमबीबीएस
13. Lagaan लगान
14. Rang de Basanti रंग दे बसंती
15. Gadar-ek prem katha ग़दर- एक प्रेम कथा
16. Hum aapke hain kaun हम आपके हैं कौन
17. Barfi बर्फी
18. Devdas देवदास
19. English Vinglish इंग्लिश विंग्लिश 
20. Jab we met
जब वी मैट
21. Band baajaa baaraat बैंड बाजा बारात 
22. Love aaj kal
लव आज कल 
23. Arth
24. Lunch
box लंच बॉक्स 
25. Saathiya
26. Baagwaan
27. Raja Hindustani
राजा हिंदुस्तानी 
28. Sarfarosh
29. Dhoom
30. Dil chahta hai
दिल चाहता है 
31. Koi mil gaya
कोई मिल गया 
32. Bazaar
33. Khaaki

34. Dangal दंगल

35. Bajrangi Bhaijan बजरंगी भाईजान

36. Udta Punjab उड़ता पंजाब

37. Queen क्वीन

38. Tare zameen par तारे ज़मीन पर

39. Dor डोर

40. Hindi medium हिंदी मीडियम





Hindi Program Faculty

Hindi Program Faculty

  • Satendra Khanna, Associate Professor of the Practice
  • Kusum Knapczyk, Lecturer