Graduate Courses

AMES 790 is a required course for all our students. Beyond that, 9 other courses at the graduate-level should be taken. Along with our AMES courses below, we encourage our students to explore courses from other departments across Duke University.

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Number Title Codes Cross-Lists
AMES 503S Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
AMES 511 Documentary and East Asian Cultures CCI, EI, ALP, CZ CINE 511
ICS 513
AMES 512S Travel Japan CCI, R, CZ, SS ARTHIST 512S
EAS 512S
AMES 518S Approaches and Practices in Second Language Pedagogy CCI EDUC 518S
AMES 523 China Science and Technology Policy and Innovation CCI, STS, SS EAS 508
AMES 531S Culture and Environment in Modern Chinese History CCI, EI, STS, CZ, SS HISTORY 514S
AMES 539S Queer China CCI, EI, ALP, CZ CULANTH 539S
GSF 502S
LIT 539S
VMS 539S
AMES 540S Reading Heidegger CCI, EI, ALP, CZ LIT 543S
AMES 541S Jews and the End of Theory
AMES 549S Techno-Orientalism: Asian/America, (Post)Human and SF CCI, ALP, CZ VMS 549S
AMES 551S Translation: Theory/Praxis CCI, ALP LIT 551S
AMES 560S Reading the Chinese Novel FL, ALP
AMES 566S Imaging a Nation: Japanese Visual Culture 1868-1945 CCI, ALP, CZ VMS 523S
AMES 576S Archiving and Visualizing Asia: Politics of Poetics of Knowledge Production R
AMES 580S History of Buddhist and Christian Interactions CCI, CZ RELIGION 580S
AMES 581S Pan-Asianism, Religion, and the State in Modern Asia CCI, EI, CZ EAS 581S
AMES 590 Special Topics in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
AMES 593 Research Independent Study R
AMES 605 East Asian Cultural Studies CCI, R, ALP, CZ CULANTH 605
ICS 605
LIT 571
AMES 610S Trauma and Space in Asia CCI, ALP, CZ
AMES 620S Critical Genealogies of the Middle East: An examination of the canon of Middle East scholarship CCI, CZ, SS CULANTH 526S
AMES 627S Comparative Media Studies STS, ALP ISS 615S
LIT 625S
VMS 625S
AMES 631 Questions of National Cinemas R, CZ CINE 632
LIT 632
VMS 632
AMES 671 World of Korean Cinema
AMES 672 Two Koreas: History, Society and Culture CCI, ALP, CZ
AMES 690S Special Topics in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
AMES 695 Collaborative Research Projects R
AMES 700 East Asian Studies Core Course: Fields and Methods EAS 700
AMES 709 Chinese Im/migration: Chinese Migrant Labor and Immigration to the US VMS 709
AMES 720 Professionalization Workshop in Middle East Studies
AMES 738 Theories of Minority Discourse
AMES 740S Critical Genealogies CULANTH 746S
GSF 740S
AMES 774S Ideology and Religion in Muslim Central Eurasia HISTORY 774S
SES 774S
AMES 790S Special Topics in Critical Asian Humanities Methodologies
AMES 890S Special Topics in Critical Asian Humanities
AMES 919S Transnational Confucianism RELIGION 919S