Current Students


The DGS will serve as the preliminary advisor for incoming students related to course selections and other academic matters. By the end of the first year, each student will submit a capstone project prospectus and indicates who his/her thesis advisor will be based on their mutual agreement to work together.


Independent Study

AMES graduate-level independent study is approved by the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS).  Please complete the graduate level independent study form and submit it to the instructor of the independent study. Once the DGS approves the independent study, a permission number will be provided.



The AMES department will have a CAH orientation within a few days of the main Duke Graduate School orientation. The DGSA will contact new CAH students with orientation information, including a specific date and time, as soon as possible.  Orientation is generally in person and is mandatory for both the main Duke Graduate School orientation and the CAH orientation.


Tuition and Research Grants

Tuition Grant

CAH provides merit-based tuition fellowships to students in the program. All students applying to the program are considered for first-year funding during the application process; no separate application is needed.

Students are usually listed as a continuing student during the fourth semester, and only pay the continuation fee, not full tuition. All first-year students may apply during their second semester for a fellowship of up to $12,500 for their third-semester. Please submit your applications to the AMES DGS and DGSA by Tuesday, March 5, 2024, 5:00 PM EST.  Please provide a statement of academic work as part of your application and request a faculty member send a letter of recommendation.  All information should be sent to the DGSA.

Newly admitted students who are awarded tuition grants will be contacted with award information soon after notice of acceptance. 

Travel Grant Award

CAH students who wish to attend an academic conference may request up to a $1,000 for travel.  Applicants should provide a general summary of potential benefit and expected budgetary expenses at least a month prior to travel.  Please note funding is not guaranteed. 

Summer Research Grant

CAH students will begin applying for summer research grants in February.  Applicants should supply a summary of intended research and a projected budget. Please submit information to the DGSA, Stacy Weiss.  You are always welcome to contact the DGSA with your questions.  

Research/Travel Grant Request Form