Marianna Jordan, B.A. 2014

Advocate, Rosie's Place – Boston, MA

2014 Major: Asian & Middle Eastern Studies and International Comparative Studies; certificate in Policy Journalism Media Studies

Professional Path

"When I graduated from Duke, I moved to DC and worked for a year as a Project Assistant at an international development firm called Creative Associates. I moved to Boston after that to be closer to my family, and held a few different jobs at a Global Health nonprofit called Partners In Health (PIH). I started as a Cross-Site Program Coordinator, working on a variety of tasks for our country programs. I then moved to Sierra Leone to work with the Policy and Partnerships team during the Ebola recovery period. Then, I came back to PIH Boston and worked in Development, on the Foundations team. I wanted to switch to domestic work, and am now working at Rosie's Place as an advocate. Rosie's Place is a shelter and community resource center for poor and homeless women in Boston. I will be pursuing my masters degree in Public Administration (Nonprofit Management) at the University of Southern California next fall."

How has AMES helped? 

"At Rosie's, I have the opportunity to work with many Arabic-speaking women from the Middle East. We serve a variety of women from many different cultures as well. The AMES program at Duke provided a critical foundation and opportunity for me to dive deeper into another culture. Learning a new language and studying the politics, culture, and literature from other regions around the world has honestly been the driving force behind my desire to work first in the international sphere and then closely with those from other backgrounds right in my city of Boston. I have had a very "people-centered" career, and my majors in AMES and ICS at Duke helped me develop my interest and passion in working with others different from myself and seeking to create opportunity in their lives."

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