Samuel Corwin, B.A. 2017

Fulbright Research Fellow (China), Fulbright U.S. Student Program

2017 Major: Asian & Middle Eastern Studies and Environmental Science & Policy

Professional Path

"Working to combine my background in AMES and Environmental Science to develop renewable energy and clean technology solutions and collaboration between the United States and China."

How has AMES helped?

"For the past year, I have been living in Nanjing, China, researching the development of China's domestic solar PV (photovoltaic) energy market. The language skills I developed during my time at Duke in the AMES department have enabled me to be successful throughout the course of my research grant in China. I had never studied Mandarin Chinese prior to arriving at Duke, and now just a year removed from graduation, I have been able to conduct primary research in Mandarin on China's solar energy market (reading policy, government reports, finding statistics, etc.), gaining invaluable insights unavailable if I were to rely on English-language sources only. I am grateful for the AMES department for providing me with the language, culture, and history background that has enabled me to be successful conducting primary research by myself in China."

Samuel Corwin (2017)