Chinese Science/Fiction and Ecocriticism

November 30, -

Chinese Science/Fiction and Ecocriticism Workshop

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Panel 1: Space and Place 

9:30am—11:00am EST

Cara Healey, “"Reimagining Hybridity in Early-Twentieth-Century China”

Nathaniel Isaacson, “Not Dreaming and Other Techniques of the Body: Trains, Technology, and Nation in Socialist Cinema”

Corey Byrnes, “Imagined Islands and the Potential Nation”

Tom Moran, “Breaking Away: On Liang Xiaosheng's Fucheng (Floating City”

 Panel 2: Medicine and Modernity

11:15am—12:45pm EST

Mingwei Song, “The World Is a Hospital: Han Song's Hospital Trilogy”

Dingding Wang, "Biotechno-Symbiosis: Virus, Infection, and the City"

Robin Visser, “Sinophone Anti-Epics of the Anthropocene”

Carlos Rojas, “Viral Culture: Logics of Contagion and Strategies of Representation” 

 Panel 3: Food and Consumption

2:00pm–-3:30pm EST

Tiffany Tsai,, “Cannibalism as Pathology: China’s Modernity in Crisis”

Xinran Wang, "Human-Animal-Food: A Reflection on Ethical Eating" 

Eileen Chow, “I Eat Therefore I Am: Chinese Foodways as Labor, Consumption, Insecurity, Horror”


AMES Presents and the CCK Foundation Inter-University Center for Sinological Studies

Chinese Science Fiction Workshop


Carlos Rojas