Muyun Zhou (2021)

Muyun Zhou

PhD student in Comparative Literature &Asian Studies at Penn State University 

Muyun graduated magna cum laude from Barnard College, with an Honors B.A. in Art History and English, and a minor in Translation Studies. Her research interests include diaspora in literature and visual arts, the interpretation and reconfiguration of tradition in the Modern period, aesthetics and practice in the 20th century, and translation studies. She loves skiing and ballet, and is a black belt competitor in Taekwondo.

CAH thesis: “Art is to Sacrifice One’s Death”: the aesthetic and ethic of the Chinese Diasporic Artist Mu Xin”


How has graduating from our program at Duke help shape you professionally and/or personally?

It was a pleasure to learn from cutting edge faculties across the humanity departments at Duke.

What advice would you give students currently in our program, or those thinking about joining the program?

Take advantage of the faculty resources of the entire university.