Zhuyuan Han (2020)

Zhuyuan Han

Ph.D. Candidate in Cultural Studies, Department of Cultural and Religious Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

During her two years in the program, Zhuyuan Han explored various topics surrounding the cultural history of modern East Asia. Her master’s thesis investigated the interactions between Chinese intellectuals and the tea and coffee culture in Republican Shanghai. Zhuyuan will conduct PhD study at Department of Cultural and Religious Studies in The Chinese University of Hong Kong, concentrating on the transition of East Asian cultural traditions in modern time under the impact of newly emergent technologies.

CAH thesis: "Gentility in Drinking: Chinese Intellectuals and Tea/Coffee Culture in Republican Shanghai (1920s-1930s)"


How has graduating from our program at Duke help shape you professionally and/or personally?

The unwavering support and constant inspirations provided by our AMES faculty members have greatly facilitated my intellectual growth. The program allowed me to choose various courses provided by other Departments at Duke, which has broadened my academic horizons. The experience and memories gained from the program has made my precious two years at Duke much unique and unforgettable. 

What advice would you give students currently in our program, or those thinking about joining the program?

Feel free to explore and make good use of all the resources provided by the Department and University that cater to your own academic or professional needs! Try your best to actively participate in every course you take, and do not hesitate to make an appointment for the office time of your course instructors. You will always gain valuable advice and insights from them!