Fall 2020 Courses Fulfilling Major Requirements

The following AMES and Non-AMES courses can be taken to help AMES Majors fulfill their Major requirement based on their study Pathway. These courses do NOT fulfill requirements for AMES Minors.

Students who entered the AMES program prior to 2020 may elect to utilize our current requirements or our previously stated ones. For those following our previous requirements, please refer to Non-AMES courses based on previous requirements.

For Regional Pathway: The Middle East


For Regional Pathway: East Asia


For Regional Pathway: The Indian Subcontinent

Number Title Codes
AMES 111 Self, Society and Art in Modern Hinduism CCI, EI, CZ
AMES 157S Indian Civilization CCI, EI, W, CZ, SS
AMES 167 Ancient and Early Modern Japan CCI, CZ
DANCE 368 Gender in Dance and Theatre CCI, ALP, CZ


For Thematic Pathway: Race, Religion, Class, Gender


For Thematic Pathway: Empire, Nation, Migration


For Thematic Pathway: Literature, Culture, Media